Moving Abroad? Don’t worry

we’ve got you covered.

When you’ve reached the point of saying “it’s time to sell my house and move abroad” it’s an exciting chapter in anyone’s life.  Perhaps you’re working abroad or you’re finally ready to enjoy what you’ve been working towards.  Whatever the reason for emigrating it’s a big deal and it’s a decision that is going to take a fair amount of thought and planning.

Along with researching the adventure you are about to embark upon you’ll need to think about how to sell your house fast so it doesn’t become a spanner in the works that could delay your dream move.

This short guide is to give you an understanding of what you may need to consider and what the likely challenges are when you want to sell a property quickly.

Questions you have may include:

What could delay the sale of my house?

  • Market conditions can have a major effect or issues in the local area.
  • Advertising and marketing may not be up to scratch.
  • Your home could be in bad condition which is turning buyers away.
  • The pricing of your property is not appropriate as it could be too high or too low.
  • If you have a deadline to sell your house you may have to find non-conventional methods to sell a house quickly.

Do I need to sell my house, why not rent it out?

There are a number of reasons to keep hold of a property rather than selling.  it can create an additional income stream and your property would be a significant asset.  If you felt the move abroad has not worked out the way you would like you would have a home that you are familiar with to come back to.

However, the benefits of being a long-distance landlord often fail to outweigh the negatives.  You may need to employ a lettings agency to look after it on your behalf which can be costly and any large-scale repairs or maintenance can cause significant issues.

If you sell your house before moving abroad it will help you avoid all of the stresses and strains of becoming a long-distance landlord and you can focus on enjoying your new life.

How can I sell my house fast?

If you feel you have tried to sell your house conventionally but need a faster way to sell your property there is another option available.  There are home buying companies like who can help.  Companies who offer a cash deal for a property work faster and differently to traditional estate agents. You’ll get a quick release of funds with minimum hassle and you don’t have to worry about numerous visitors for viewings and months or even years of uncertainty.  You can get the process completed and your house sold in as little as seven days in some cases taking all the pain out of selling your home.

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