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Get rid of the stress of selling your property

Divorce proceedings is one the most stressful things you’ll experience in your life.  When that is then compounded with having to sell your house it can make the situation unbearable. 

At cashpropertybuyer.co.uk we can help you deal with the situation by taking all the stress out of selling a house by giving you an outlet to sell a house quickly.

Through our sell house fast service, we can ensure all parties are satisfied in the minimum time required as a drawn-out sale can add to the stress of coming to an agreement, especially when the negotiations have been acrimonious.

This short guide is to give you an understanding of what you may need to consider when dealing with a property sale during divorce proceedings.

Is selling a house quickly the best option if one party would like to remain?

If the divorce involves a young family one party may be willing to move out if they can release capital from the property, whilst the other wishes to remain.  The most obvious solution in this scenario would be a remortgage, however, with there now only being one household income releasing enough equity from the property becomes difficult.

If I want a cash deal for a property can we communicate independently?

Unfortunately, in some cases the parties involved are no longer in communication with each other. Estate agents find this difficult as they treat the entire party as a client and not both as individuals.  This can lead to additional costs as the communication will go through solicitors. At cashprotertybuyer.co.uk we can work round with this by communicating individually or jointly if required.

How can I sell my house fast?

If you feel you have tried to sell your house conventionally but need a faster way to sell your property there is another option available.  There are home buying companies like cashpropertybuyer.co.uk who can help.  Companies who offer a cash deal for a property work faster and differently to traditional estate agents. You’ll get a quick release of funds with minimum hassle and you don’t have to worry about numerous visitors for viewings and months or even years of uncertainty.  You can get the process completed and your house sold in as little as seven days in some cases taking all the pain out of selling your home.

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