After planning a dream wedding and building a life together as a couple or a family, nobody ever expects to be in the position whereby they are having to sell their home due to a divorce.

Understandably, divorce can be incredibly painful for all involved, whether the couple has been together for a short while or decades. One of the most stressful aspects relates to what happens to the property the couple owns together.

Once the scene for wedded bliss, the marital home is now the subject of tension due to the issue of who gets to keep the home, or indeed, sell the home to divide the assets.

In today’s post, we will be breaking down everything you need to know about selling a house after a divorce has been initiated. 

UK Divorce Statistics

  • 42% of couples will divorce in the UK
  • Over 100,000 British couples divorced in 2019
  • The average age to divorce is 46.4 for men and 43.9 for women
  • Around 1,000 civil partnerships are dissolved every year
  • Divorcing couples spend an average of £14,561 on associated costs
  • Unreasonable behaviour is cited as the most common reason for divorce in the UK

Can I Be Forced To Sell My House In A Divorce UK?

Yes, a court may order the home you shared with your spouse to be sold in divorce proceedings. However, divorce is incredibly complex and no two divorces are the same, which is why the answer is never a guaranteed ‘yes’.

For example, if a property belonged to one party before the couple married, the marriage was short-lived and the couple did not have any children, it’s highly likely a judge wouldn’t order the sale of the home. 

In cases where a sale is ordered to distribute the assets, if one party wants to remain in the home they can buy the other party out of the house instead of selling. Though the remaining party would need to be able to afford to take on the mortgage, otherwise they could be forced to sell anyway due to a repossession order being placed on the home. 

Even if a court doesn’t order the sale of a property in divorce proceedings, some couples prefer to sell the home so that they can have a fresh start. 

Who Gets The House In A Divorce With Children?

No divorce is easy to deal with, but any involving children can be particularly difficult to navigate, not least when it comes to what will happen to the house. 

It is often considered best that any children under 18 remain in the family home. Though, this will mean coming to a financial arrangement such as agreeing for the house to be sold when the children have finished full-time education. If the couple can reach an amicable agreement, this is the preferred option. Otherwise, the case will likely go to court and both parties may have to move into new accommodation, which can be especially challenging if children are involved. 

Can I Sell My House Before A Divorce?

If both parties can amicably work to sell their house before a divorce is granted, then this will lessen much of the tension and stress that would follow if it was left for the courts to divide any assets.

This will require working together to agree on a sale price so that the property can be sold to the right buyer for the right price. 

Though, the reality is that an agreeable sale between two people who are divorcing isn’t always possible. In which case, selling your home to a property buying company such as ourselves may offer a quick exit for both parties so that you can move on with your lives without dragging the process out. 

Selling A House Divorce – Sell My Property Fast

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