Thinking of putting your property on the market? Most people don’t give a second thought when it comes to how they sell their home, because going through an estate agent seems like the sole way of getting the job done. 

It’s only when you realise how much work is involved when you sell your home through traditional means, that it soon becomes apparent this method simply doesn’t work for everyone. This is especially the case when jumping through such hoops isn’t guaranteed to land you any viewings let alone a sale. 

Here are some of the struggles that may just sound familiar if you are trying to sell your home through the regular methods to tell you more. 

It Can Take Forever

Every homeowner dreams of putting up that for sale sign and immediately attracting a buyer. If only it was that simple! 

The average property in the UK takes 4.2 months to sell. Remember, that’s only the ‘average’ time! Depending on the quality of the agent and the demand for your area and property type, your home could be left sitting on the market for months, without so much as a viewing. 

So if you’re looking to sell up and move on, you’ll essentially be left stuck. If you’re in a real hurry to sell, the long wait is not only frustrating but very stressful too. 

Viewings Can Be Inconvenient

The problem with house viewings is that what’s on show is where you live. As a result, you can never relax properly because the house always needs to look spotless. The viewings can happen at any time in the day because it depends on when the prospective buyer is free. 

All the while, you are trying to live your daily life whether that be working, raising your family or even enjoying your retirement. But with so much disruption, it can begin to take a toll on other areas of your life, especially when the process can drag on for months. 

Property Chains Are A Nightmare

If your property sale is considered as part of a chain, then your sale can only go through if all the other sales within the chain do so too. The purchase and completion of other properties can never be guaranteed, so if any of the other sales fall through this could directly affect the sale of your home.

Having to rely on others is an added hassle you really don’t need, especially when moving house is considered one of the most stressful life events you will experience. Have you ever stopped to think why that’s the case? Chains certainly don’t help! 

Varying Marketing Quality

First impressions count for everything when it comes to selling property since it’s the biggest purchase we will likely make in our lives. But so often, property descriptions are lacklustre at best filled with cliched phrases and dull descriptions. It’s also a huge pot luck when it comes to the quality of photography or video tours you will receive too. 

If your property is considered ‘run of the mill’ in the eyes of your estate agents, they are unlikely to spend the time and attention it deserves on marketing it in the best light. This can mean buyers are being turned off because its selling points aren’t being highlighted.

Hidden Costs

While it’s easy to focus on the sale price as the only financial aspect that matters during a house sale, remember that estate agents and solicitors don’t work for free. In fact, the costs associated with selling your property amounting to thousands of pounds can come as a real shock.

Don’t forget the costs involved with purchasing a new home too as well as renovating it. Wouldn’t the money be better spent on your new place, rather than trying to get your old place sold? We certainly think so! 

Sell My Home Fast UK

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